When to Consider Surgery

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Sinus Surgery TimeChronic airway-digestive inflammatory disease (CAID) rarely, if ever, leads to death. Therefore, considering sinus surgery is more a quality - of-life issue than a life-or-death decision. Obviously, for those patients who suffer severely from sinus problems, this surgery can improve their quality of life immensely. Sinus surgery should never be performed for chronic

sinus disease without taking the conservative medical approach first. However, there are exceptions, when surgery should be performed as quickly as possible after the initial diagnosis. These instances include the presence of:


? A mucocele

? A papilloma or malignant tumor

? A significant anatomic closure or anomaly obstructing the sinus passageways

? An infection spreading to the eye or brain

Sinus Tips:
Without a doubt, sinus infections can recur. As mentioned earlier, surgery does not change the way you respond to the environment. At best, your sinuses will be near normal. Patien
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This initial hit of inflammation would probably lead you to believe that you had come down with a simple cold.